"On this weekly podcast, hosts Jesse McAnally and Andrew Dewolf discuss and analyze a different musical every episode. Jesse is a musical theatre aficionado, and Andrew has zero knowledge about the Musical Theatre World, beyond what they discuss on the podcast. This hilarious show discusses everything from Fiddler on the Roof to Dear Evan Hansen. Not only does this webcast have wit and heart, but it is also an educational opportunity for listeners not familiar with the musical of the week. Jesse and Andrew also feature movie musicals on this broadcast, which drops every Friday. Instead of a traditional rating from one to ten, every week the musical gets compared to a certain cheese by the hosts; for example, the stage performance She Loves Me was compared to a smoked gouda—something everyone can enjoy! I included Musicals with Cheese on the list is because I love the premise and the hosts of the show have so much style that it keeps the listener completely engaged." THERE'S NO PODCAST LIKE A THEATRICAL PODCAST

"The two hosts of the podcast are Jesse McAnally and Andrew DeWolf. Jesse McAnally is the Founder of Fosca Features, Jesse McAnally has a degree in media arts from Wayne State University. He currently serves as Creative Director of Fosca Features, LLC where he has successfully directed and produced eight short films, garnering well over two dozen awards for them. Jesse has a constant and unwavering devotion to creative arts, and strives to embrace artistic innovation it in novel and viable manners. Andrew DeWolf is a New York based musician with a relatively new presence on the internet. He was a Music Student at the SUNY Schenectady County Community College, and currently is a freelance rock instrumentalist." New Musical Theatre Podcast Brings The Laughs

"Created by filmmaker Jesse McAnally, known for After Ashes (2018), Sunny Days (2016) and Technical Difficulties (2017), “Erin Whitaker: Royalty Inside My DNA” is a personal documentary chronicling the artistic journey of Errin Whitaker, a Detroit visual artist, as he takes on a 48-hour film challenge."  Detroit Artist Errin Whitaker to host a celebration of his personal art​

"Film director Jesse McAnally’s latest short film is proving to be a crowd-pleaser.  “After Ashes” has played in many Film Festivals– domestic and international–including the Aphrodite Film AwardsIndependent StarFilmfest Summer-Edition, and the Sunrise 45 Film Festival. After Ashes was also given an honorable mention recognition in the Hollywood Horrorfest... Says Jesse regarding “After Ashes,” “The film has been the best example of what I set out to do: Tell stories that I’ve never seen before in novel and strange ways. I wish to twist genre conventions and narrative expectations as far as I possibly can while still giving an audience an escapist, dramatic experience. I believe is important to begin telling stories that give high impact roles to women, without power given to their relationship with men." Jesse McAnally’s “After Ashes” proves a crowd pleaser


"In the year 1986, Heather moves into her first house to try to forget the demons of her past. However, new evils come about to put a damper on Heather's new living situation. This tribute to 80's horror pays tribute to horror greats like Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven." 10 finalists announced for 2017 Film Challenge Detroit

"Generally, films exploring themes on death involve remorse, guilt and sorrow. Surprisingly, this film doesn’t follow in those footsteps and tries a refreshing storyline that easily puts it above the rest in its genre. The script manages to draw out shrouded sentiments and even soul-stirring moments. It isn’t without its share of faults but manages to pick itself up quickly. Regardless of the few stains of imperfection, there’s so much that’s finely executed in this movie, directed by Jesse McAnally that its pure delight to watch." After Ashes’ Is A Delightful Watch For Zombie Lovers"

"This Wayne State University alumnus understands that film school is what you make of it. He says “if you put the effort into film school and find the collaborators, you get a lot out of it. You’re able to make projects, work with people, and grow your community”. While film school may have played an important role in the filmmaker meeting like-minded individuals, he was able to learn about the practical side of filmmaking through YouTube and over avenues that creatives utilize... Adapting and welcoming change can also be a great assistant to filmmakers. McAnally says his style changes from film to film. But the After Ashes film, he says, made him have more of a creative style, a more subjective style, and be more ideological with his shots." Shining the Spotlight on Jesse McAnally