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Errin Whitaker Film Premiere

Photo courtesy of Reality Tell Your Vision

In the midst of 2018, I spent a few months working on a short documentary entitled "Errin Whitaker: Royalty in my DNA" 'a personal documentary chronicling the artistic journey of Detroit visual artist Errin Whitaker as he takes on a 48-hour challenge.

I met Errin Whitaker in May of 2018 at an art exhibition he held. I was surrounded by hundreds of incredible pieces ranging from experimental art, collage, paintings, and sculpture. I was in awe at the vast work that Errin was able to produce. I found myself completely enamored with his incredible works of art and quickly becoming an incredible fan of the work. That day I bought a large piece of art that is hanging in my home to this day.

Photo Courtesy of Reality Tell Your Vision

Cut to three months later when Errin contacted me to make asking if I would hop on board and make this documentary, about his experience with the 48-hour art program. I did not have a moment of hesitation, and through the process of making this documentary I became a fan of the incredible man behind the art as well. I find myself incredibly lucky to bring his story to life.

On Sunday January 27th 2019, an event was held at the Fisher Building in Detroit Michigan where the film was screened before an audience of excited artists, film lovers, and friends. I was lucky enough to be one of those who spoke about the film afterward.

I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to meet Errin, and honored he gave me this opportunity to expand my filmmaking abilities in a novel way. If not for this experience I would not have Errin as a new collaborator and friend.

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