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When Detective Nina Rose arrested her serial killer father, The Domino, she became an overnight sensation. Years later, the glory has faded but the hurt remains; Nina’s relationship with her combative sister Laura never recovered. With a new killer in town and Laura’s daughter missing, the sisters must work together, following the convoluted and sometimes absurd trail leading to an earth shattering confrontation with their past...


For a long time, we planned to make The Daughters of The Domino without fundraising, relying on the ingenuity of our team to eke out every last drop of cinematic gold from what would have been a very restrictive budget. However, we wanted to give you the opportunity to join in the process and have fun with us.

The $20,000 target for this Kickstarter will make a huge difference. The money raised in this campaign will go towards all areas of making The Daughters of The Domino. We have always been confident that The Daughters of The Domino will be a good movie, even on a limited budget. But, with your help, we can give Jesse the opportunity to make his first feature a great one.

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